Payment Methods

The payment method will be exchanged by us and the customer via email after the order is confirmed.

Pay via PayPal Invoice

This is our primary payment method. After the customer places an order and confirms the order, we will send a PayPal invoice for you to make the payment. With PayPal invoices you can pay with your PayPal balance, credit or debit card.

Payment through PayPal friend to friend/family

This is a payment method through PayPal and you will transfer money to us by transferor money to friend/family. With this payment method, we will give 10% discount on your total bill.

Pay by direct bank transfer

Check your email and confirm, we will send your bank account number for your payment. Make your payment directly into our bank account. Please use your “Order Number” as the payment reference. Your order will be processed after we receive your payment.

Note: Refunds will be refunded by us using the same method that the customer paid us.

Any questions please send to email address:

Thank you for shopping with us.